Spend time reflecting, a moment to ponder the world that is flowing around you, and I believe you will see a lack of clear definition in the lines and shapes of the things that make up our lives.  Things will seemingly flow together, over-lap and collide, moving intermingled around us without much sense or reason.  And I will suggest to you that this is really not a good thing.  As an intelligent being, like all intelligent beings, we humans need our structure; we crave the walls and line and rigid dimensions that help separate things and bring order to the chaos.  It is more our minds, than our lives, that require this structure; our lives often reflect the state of our minds, but it is not necessary to have a structured life in order to have a structured mind: we can exist in a state of flux and ambiguity for extended periods, when our lives are disordered and disheveled, which reflects the wellness of our minds and the state of order psychologically.

A structured mind.  Wellness through order amidst the chaos.  Clear lines, clear connections, a roadmap to sort through all the crazy little bits that float through our minds each day and that would create enormous clutter unless we place them in their proper places.  This is the desired end goal.  An important tool to get us there is the insights, ideas, and reflections of those who have been before; or at least those on the journey today with us who have been able to step above the fray – if only just a little – and can make some sense of all the crazy little bits floating around.  I will call this wisdom, the everyday living wisdom that I am sure we have all previously tripped over in the past, as we have walked the paths of our lives.  The wisdom that identifies the connections and separations, and where the crazy little bits go, that makes sense of some of the wildness that is swirling around us.  Wisdom as a guiding map in the uncharted wilderness; as the guide herself, who points out the path through the terrain and the small etchings in the trees that we should follow; and as the compass that finds true north no matter where in the mirk we may be, and points to the end direction – though never the actual end point – of where we want to go.

Wisdom in our everyday lives comes from reflection and interpretation of what we see in our everyday lives, the lives of others, and in the world around us.  It provides the means t create the structure to understand things, to see how things relate and fit together, and provides potential paths we could take, depending on where we want to go.  Wisdom is also based on the guiding principles of what generally works and what generally does not.  It can have the advantage of hindsight, but must always be forward-looking, and if the past no longer holds true for the future, then hind-sight is of no value.  Wisdom is knowing what is of value and suggesting a way forward; wisdom can be offered but it must be taken; no one can force wisdom onto another, it must be for them to take.  As a parent, I have reached the point where I have very little left to do, in terms of parenting, for my children; what remains is the providing of advice and counsel, which I realize may not be taken.  (If I haven’t raised thoughtful, sensible children by this stage, then there is little or nothing I can do now!)  So, providing wisdom to my children, in the form of advice and observations, has been a recent focus that I will look to continue in this forum.  I am looking to share my thoughts, observations, reflections, derived from everyday life, which I will attempt to distill into digestible drops of wisdom.  And not just wisdom for my children, but wisdom for friends and colleagues, and people on the journey of life as I am.  My goal is to put down small dollops of wisdom in this blog, with the view of sharing not telling, of providing the gift of observation not the conceit of rightness;  I will never know what decisions others should make in their lives, as I struggle to know what decisions I myself should make, but I hope to provide some marks on the map to help others forward, and to stimulate a dialogue with others who might share further marks and guideposts, so soon we can all share from a common and well annointed map.